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Ultra Consultants Publishes Report on the Implications of ERP Implementation

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Jeff Carr, Founder & CEO

Jeff Carr, Founder & CEO

Enterprises are always in a dilemma while choosing appropriate software that can drive business growth. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a crucial element increasing operational efficiency by streamlining all the business processes of an organization. The software allows smoother functioning by consolidating the information and automating the repeated processes with the help of intelligent tools.

Many organizations reach an impasse while choosing a suitable ERP solution, which leads to ambiguity around ERP software. Ultra Consultants, Inc., an Oak Brook, IL-based enterprise solution consulting firm, which serves the manufacturing and distribution sectors is here to help by publishing an industry survey conducted by Mint Jutras about the impact of enterprise applications. The Mint Jutras/Ultra Consultants surveyed more than three hundred North American manufacturers and distributors in 2018. The survey focused on the success of ERP implementation in terms of schedule, cost, and return on investment (ROI). The report of the study states that 67 percent of manufacturers and distributors are satisfied with their ERP implementation.

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The survey highlighted many vital factors for the successful implementation of ERP software. It states that apart from the software, top management support and change management are the critical success factors for an effective ERP implementation. It also implies that an inadequate business process re-engineering and project planning can hamper the success of ERP implementation. “This research study reflects the performance of current offerings of modern ERP systems now available to manufacturers and distributors. The report shows that the majority of ERP implementations drive value, are on time and meet budget expectations. “It also reveals the importance of setting goals for a project, and putting the focus on people and processes, not just technology,” states Jeff Carr, founder and CEO of Ultra Consultants.  The in-depth report of the survey is titled “The Real Facts about ERP Implementation: Busting the Myth of Failure, But Are You Overrating Your Success?”

Ultra Consultants have a wide-scale understanding of the intricate differences between various processes and discrete manufacturing businesses. This allows the company to find the right enterprise solution by offering highly specialized teams, methodologies, and research focused on each vertical sector. Ultra Consultant has been featured in our magazine CIO Review as “20 most Promising ERP Solution Providers-2018.” While summing up, Jeff Carr, says, “Improvements in information access, productivity, management of different assets within the company—that’s what we try to achieve time and time again.” Obtain the full research report