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Uncovering Buyer Intent to Unlock Potential Profit

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

To understand buyer intent, a company needs to begin with ‘why’ instead of the ‘what.’ B2B marketers today, need to ask themselves: “Why is that company X visiting those web pages? How did the company get to those websites? And what are they learning from those websites?”

By answering these questions, businesses have a more accurate depiction of what triggers their buyers. The company that obtains the data of the target organization will hold an ace in its industry. Additionally, it can improve its marketing tactics in content marketing, lead generation, copywriting, and keyword optimization.

The first aspect is the content strategy. Why are buyers reading the company blog? Why are they downloading the company's eBooks? Why are they visiting the company's product/service pages?—With the answer to these questions, a company can identify which stage of the journey the buyer is at, and then create the right piece of educational material—with appropriate headlines and keywords. This way, buyers know that the specific content addresses their need that’s relevant to them.

Second, keyword optimization: Why is the buyer using particular keywords?—Once the company has the data to answer this question, they can better map out their content with specific keywords that meet the buyer demand. Companies can use Moz’s Keyword Difficulty tool. That can help companies analyze their competitors’ rankings for a target keyword. Companies need to closely work with their sales team to determine which keywords generate more leads further down the sales funnel.

Copywriting is another key factor. Creating content backed by buyer intent data cuts through the noise and makes the brand stand out.

B2B marketers can enhance the qualification process, by taking advantage of designing and developing their lead management strategy knowing the buyer’s intent.

In a nutshell, discovering buyer intent with predictive analytics will help marketers and their teams to target specific points which have a higher potential for purchasing. The sales team will have the advantage of addressing buyers with a higher purchase propensity, through boosting conversion rates and reducing the cost of acquiring customers.