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Uncovering the Hidden Capabilities of IoT in the Utility Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) is a driving force for the promotion of automation and digitalization that leverages advantages of the applied science of connectivity. IoT is mere, a system of interconnected devices but founds a path to achieve fidelity. Introduction of IoT in utilities drives the business world towards vitalizing its professional essence. Though the utility industry is one of the highest revenue generating sectors, it is vulnerable to a couple of real-time difficulties such as security failures, adverse working conditions and poor workplace environments, management and maintenance challenges, defective equipment and more. Business professionals are now relying on productive IoT features to transform traditional business styles. IoT has the potential of serving, modernizing and upgrading various utilities. Read on!

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•  Conservation of electricity

IoT plays an essential role in conserving energy as smart electric appliances support remote control mechanisms. Since the users can switch the devices on/off remotely, IoT technology enables controlled utilization of energy. With restricted use of electricity, utility providers can promote energy conservation.

•  Prevention of failures 

Using smart inspection systems utility sectors can study the ideal specifications of the business downtime, which depends on the current utility parameters and the device’s response to the usage rates. IoT technology introduces the concept of predictive analysis which helps the utility industry to maintain the machinery such that, the unplanned and unforeseen challenges are adequately handled.       

•  Supply chain optimization

By leveraging IoT sensor technology, supply chains can automate various core processes. Promoting accuracy and quality IoT-based data analytics improves informed decision-making strategies. To add on, IoT-based deployments in supply chain companies enable them to bridge the gap between demand and production, thereby, helping the industry cope with the real-time customer requirements.

The technology of IoT is immensely capable of revamping the utility industry. Diversifying pre-formulated strategies and optimizing the implementation parables, adoption of IoT undeniably founds a new standard in the utility market.  

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