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Uncrowd Announces Partnership with De'Longhi and Kenwood

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 29, 2020

British customer intelligence startup ends the year on high onboarding iconic brands De'Longhi and Kenwood.

FREMONT, CA: Uncrowd's next-generation customer intelligence platform proves as appetizing as the cakes made in a Kenwood Chef and as uplifting as the boost from an espresso from a classic De'Longhi coffee appliance.

The innovator, De'Longhi Group, has commissioned Uncrowd to spin-up their ground-breaking Friction/Reward Indexing analytics platform. This next-generation data-driven customer intelligence solution will allow De'Longhi to get even closer to its customers and to get the clearest possible picture of the path to buying its products. De'Longhi, famous for some of the world's best-selling coffee-at-home offerings and its much-loved Kenwood Chef home baking line, has benefited from the rising trends in working from home for home-baking and will utilize Uncrowd's analytics to extend its strength in both categories.

This partnership with Uncrowd will help the company better understand customers and their preferences. It will provide new tools to share with our retail partners that help improve their successes in the quickly growing premium coffee at home and home-baking categories. The company is delighted to be offering customer intelligence around iconic brands such as De'Longhi and Kenwood.

Uncrowd defined and developed the powerful friction versus reward metric (FvR) as a response to Net Promoter System's inherent shortcomings, customer-satisfaction surveys, and first-generation big-data customer analytics, none of which can quantify a customer's real likelihood to choose one retailer or brand over another. Microsoft and many others recognize Uncrowd's Friction/Reward Indexing platform as having the potential to play a vital role for brands and retailers.