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Understanding Big Data and Machine Learning

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 1, 2019

When it comes to IT sectors, big data and machine learning (ML) are gaining prominence for their widespread applications across numerous ecosystems. It is evident that these two are mutually exclusive but intersect at some critical paths. Before considering the integration of these technologies for business, it is necessary to understand both the concepts individually in order to learn about their functionalities. A common man knows more about both these technologies since these touches upon people’s everyday lives in many possible ways. Let us walk through what these two technologies are, how and where they intersect with each other.

Big Data – As the name states, big data is the technology involving an enormous volume of data for collection, management, and analysis them in both structured and unstructured way. Big data analytics undertakes work through the vast information and develops an analyzed pattern of outcomes to conclude with successful business decisions and strategies. 

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Machine Learning – It is the process of algorithm generation by the software of electronic devices to learn, analyze, and deliver accurate target outcome. The primary objective of ML is to prepare electronic devices to learn and perform autonomously. Human interaction is required only to instruct what the end outcome must be; rest work is carried out by ML.

While big data delivers useful analytics from gathered data, ML utilizes a part of analyzed data to direct the machine in delivering flawless performance. Machines can execute better when they have higher volumes and variety of data. Big data stocks up a massive pile of analyzed data and ML curates and picks up necessary data to perform tasks precisely.

If big data performs the back-end tasks of collecting and analyzing data, ML acts as a front desk to perceive data from it to perform assigned tasks. Businesses can have all the necessary information at their fingertips when they implement these technologies with better computing infrastructure, which is critical.

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