Understanding the Customer through Facebook's New Tool

By CIOReview | Monday, March 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Businesses want to know what people are talking about topics related to their products and services. With that information in hand, they can shape up their offerings to be more relevant to customers. To that end, Facebook offers Topic Data to businesses to get their finger on the pulse empowering them to sense the mood for their offerings, reports, Jack Marshall, The Wall Street Journal.

As an example, a watch company can understand what sort of a watch people are more interested in and would like to buy by gleaning the data which is available in the form of conversations on Facebook. The company can then know what design or style is the populace looking to own.

With the information from Topic Data, businesses can make enhancements in their business approach by taking people’s views and interests into consideration. Facebook is emphasizing that the information from topic data is anonymized and aggregated so no individual users can be identified. 

To provide access to Topic Data, Facebook has partnered with DataSift and using DataSift’s technology to power the platforms that turn the data into insights. Now Facebook isn’t charging any money to access the data and the benefit for Facebook is that companies will be encouraged to run more ads on Facebook, so that’s where the money is ultimately supposed to come in.