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Understanding the True Potential of E-Mail Marketing

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today, content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) play a pivotal role in the marketing arena. Organizations invest an influx of money into strategizing and producing high-quality content to drive more revenue. However, to have a strong online presence, content needs to be built keeping in mind keywords and inbound links that can help websites get ranked in search results. Every successful campaign requires the companies to focus on new ways to top search rankings which essentially would maximize the content reach and eventually increase the site popularity. Businesses now are on the look for tools that can complement both SEO and content, to make sure their goals are met.

Enter E-Mail Marketing

An all-powerful strategy that brands can use to fuel their SEO and content marketing campaigns in a cost-effective and profitable manner.  Basically, e-mail marketing is the process of sharing commercial content, typically to a targeted audience using e-mail. Though it doesn’t sound very edgy, it benefits an organization in many ways. The activity is primarily known for being cost efficient as it only requires a mailing platform, which in most cases is inexpensive.  Also, research shows that e-mail marketing garners four times more ROI than social media.

Apart from that, the new arsenal of marketing can be used to promote content, build consumer loyalty and brand reputation, increase social media followers and engagement by sharing relevant links, and build a subscriber base. E-Mail marketing not only ensures the success of the campaign but also develops a healthy relationship between brands and consumers.

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