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Unfolding Deeper Insights into IoT for Travel

By CIOReview | Monday, April 22, 2019

Embracing the potentialities of the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT), the travel industry is becoming smarter than ever. Bringing the power of connected devices into the limelight, IoT taken the travel paradigm to the next level. Advanced IoT conceptualizations lead to the foundation of smarter reality, which encourages customer satisfaction, cost-effective lifestyle and unparalleled user experience. Offering game-changing solutions, and optimizing the travel world to the fullest, IoT has been transforming the travel industry with cutting-edge innovations. There’s more to it!

•  Smart flight check-ins

Simulating realistic environments this technology now allows the airlines to facilitate passengers to check-in via online virtual flight platforms. These advanced device flight check-in services are made accessible by deploying smart speakers in the consumer ecosystem. The feature also provides information about the flight delays and other statuses, along with the facilities which the vacationers can avail during the flight.  

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•  Automatic transport fleet monitoring

The latest IoT-based monitoring protocols help the transportation rentals and travel agencies to keep track of their fleets in terms of pickups and drops. These automated systems simplify the process of hiring local transports and booking a car rental for transporting appliances. This automated system works by generating a set of keys, which help the travels gain entry into the transport. Centralized voice services guide the customers and clear queries.      

•  Intelligent luggage tracking systems

With the advent of IoT, losing luggage is no more a complication. IoT-enabled luggage tracking applications help travelers track their belongings’ on-field movement. Based on the system’s real-time reporting, travelers can inform the luggage counter if the luggage is misplaced or stolen. Besides, smart tracking application gives users end-to-end assistance.

Dynamically transforming various industries, IoT has now become the travelers’ best friend too. With IoT-driven smart equipment, the travel world welcomes safe, secured, smooth and enjoyable traveling options.      

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