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Unicorn HRO and ID Resolution Partner to Provide Identity Management Solutions

By CIOReview | Friday, May 16, 2014

FREMONT, CA: ID Resolution, a provider of a suite of identity management solutions, has announced its partnership with Unicorn HRO, a provider of benefits, payroll and HR solutions, for the provisioning of Identity Theft Repair Services. The partnership paves the way for a more comprehensive and quality portfolio of services for Unicorn HRO customers, including identity theft resolution, personal information monitoring, credit monitoring, and more.

Mark Perkins, President, ID Resolution, said, “When you consider that Identity Theft Services have jumped to the third most requested employee benefit for 2014/15, this partnership will undoubtedly bring peace of mind to Unicorn HRO customers. We pride ourselves on our extremely high touch, personalized service to the victim at a time when they are most in need and vulnerable. Our excellent customer service and wide-ranging platform of support complement Unicorn HRO’s quality products.”

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America with close to 13 million people being compromised in 2012. Although one of the leading concerns for people today, identity protection and repair has typically been expensive and out of reach for the budgets of most organizations’ employee schemes. ID Resolution has developed a comprehensive service at a fraction of the cost of some alternatives.

ID Resolution provides Identity Theft Repair services and Personal Information Monitoring products on a group wholesale basis to the Insurance, Employee Benefit and Trade Association marketplace. Surveys show that when employees are more cognizant of the risks to their personal information, they carry this through to the workplace and have a heightened awareness to the vulnerability and protection of their employers’ information.

“A stolen identity can be extremely frightening and a very large distraction for any employee,” said Tim Diassi, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Unicorn HRO. “A distracted employee can mean thousands of dollars in lost productivity for their employer. By offering employees with solutions such as ID Resolution, Unicorn HRO reinforces its commitment to providing employers and their employees innovative products.”

ID Resolution works with employers embedding its product in their benefit programs, offering a service much in demand given the incredibly high profile identity theft has in the public eye. With almost zero IT integration and minimum enrollment/program management requirements for the group provider, the service is simple and fast to implement. Using actuarial usage modeling, ID Resolution can provide these services at an extremely low cost. “The recent Target Stores data breach has hit home hard,” added Perkins. “The once held ‘it’ll never happen to me’ attitude has evolved into the stark reality that it can happen to anyone, anytime; that’s where our expert staff step in and offer support and guidance to full resolution.”

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