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Unified Communications-The Force Multiplier for Modern Workforce

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 16, 2017

Today’s workplace is transforming more than ever before as it integrates all business communication technologies—messaging systems, email, conferencing, telephone and cloud sharing—into a single organized system. Industries worldwide are currently deploying new tools and applications in order to deliver greater productivity and achieve more successful teamwork within their ecosystem. In recent years, Unified Communications (UC) has become key component among many industries to offer business process integration while reducing the response time, managing workflows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Some real UC benefits:

• Employee Productivity

A Fonality research survey reveals some interesting statistics on how UC brings employees to collaborate in a better way to drive the employee productivity and increase revenue. Since the trend of remote employment continues to build momentum, organizations are forced to leverage the right technology to provide employees true connectivity and uninterrupted access to enterprise information—significantly increasing productivity among the remote employees. In addition, the growing demand for workforce mobility has further amplifying the UC adoption. Mobile access to UC features like softphones empowers employees to move around the office, rather than being tied to a fixed handset and make voice and video calls over the internet—ensuring calls remain professional, irrespective of their workplace.

• Team-based Productivity

Besides productivity, businesses need to achieve true effectiveness and innovation with a balanced work environment. Through team communication and collaboration facilitated by UC, workgroups share and exchange information, no matter whether they are in the same location or geographically dispersed. Team members can seamlessly interact in real-time—leading to faster responsiveness and problem resolution as well as resulting in shorter project times and greater organizational efficiency. With best-in-class features like instant messaging and video solution, users can be added to conversations  and communicate more effectively on ad hoc meetings , while minimizing the need to travel to the office.

• Improving ROI

Although, companies see UC as a way to improve internal communications and increase productivity, UC has tremendous potential in cost savings. The key to unlock the ROI potential of the UC begins with inspecting core business processes, specifically those that hinge on internal and external communications and then embedding UC capabilities into the user’s application.

• Drives Organizational Agility

According a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, nearly 90 percent of the executives acknowledge that an organizational agility is critical for their business to stay competitive and successful. Businesses are more agile when employees find the right people and information at the right time, a perfect business use case for UC that mitigates the collaboration chaos, while reducing cost and complexity. From the CIOs perspective, UC may seem to be like a massive challenge, but in reality it offers the ability for IT departments to provide a set of integrated communications applications that improve organizational agility and leads to substantial business benefits.

• Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is value-creating relationship, which emerges from active participation and persistent collaboration between the customer and the organization. In order to ensure that their experience is positive every time, organization should seamlessly connect, track, and measure all channels and communications with their customers—ensuring higher level of personalized customer experience, loyalty retention, and repeat purchasing. As customer expectations continue to evolve, organizations should induce modular services to offer a comprehensive portfolio of UC solutions.

Today UC products have embraced advanced technologies and new services such as cloud computing, mobile and virtualization to respond to the changes faster in the evolving business environments—driving business transformation. According to Gartner’s study—as the enterprise UC market continues to mature, the primary goal of all UC solutions is to optimize business processes along with increased user experience.