Unimax NumberPro for Automated Voice and UC Phone Number Management

By CIOReview | Friday, April 3, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Unimax, a provider of Unified Communications Management Software, brings to market a new unified voice administration tool called NumberPro.

NumberPro simplifies the complex task of identifying, organizing, and reporting on phone numbers (such as DIDs, directory numbers and extensions) and voice mailbox numbers to determine if they are used, available, reserved or in the process of aging, regardless of the vendor platform, number of systems, system types or number formats.

The application addresses one of the most difficult and costly voice and UC problems today: effectively managing large amounts of numbers in a dynamic environment across multiple and disparate voice and UC vendors and system types. NumberPro replaces spreadsheets and other manual management techniques with a single application which automates the complex task of phone number management.

Companies using NumberPro will be able to expect many benefits: reduced operational expense, increased accuracy, improved work ticket resolution time, and greater capabilities for proactively solving problems and significantly reducing errors. NumberPro easily and quickly identify numbers currently in use, available, reserved or in the aging process whuich makes it possible to detect the next available DID, phone number, extension, or mailbox number for assignment.

Phil Moen, Unimax President and CEO says, “NumberPro’s functionality eliminates number management problems while offering a far better alternative to spreadsheets and other manual number management methods.”

This also allows the voice or UC administrator to effortlessly find and select a number within a specific/ customized range. This number would then be automatically marked as used. On the other hand, when a number is removed from use on the UC system, it can be marked for aging or brought back to an available status. Numbers can also be reserved indefinitely or for a set amount of time depending on the requirements of the special projects.

It’s also easy to create custom number ranges based on specific criteria such as location, site, department, etc. Numbers purchased from the telco can be easily added to ranges at anytime regardless of their native PBX, UC or voicemail platform, system type or format. It can automatically transform numbers to and from E.164 format, 10-digit phone number format and variable digit extensions and voice mailbox number format all along  and across multiple vendors and system types.

Teresa Dixon, Unimax Director of Product Management states, “Voice, IT, unified communications and HR teams can all benefit from NumberPro’s simple approach to number management.”