Unisys Announces Availability of ClearPath Forward MCP and OS 2200

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

BLUE BELL, PA: Unisys Corporation launched MCP Express and OS 2200 Express–two versions of ClearPath Forward software. The rolled out versions will run on PCs using Microsoft Windows. Working in flagship ClearPath Operating System environment, these versions will provide knowledge of the systems' functions and capabilities to application programmers and academics.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology to offer advanced security, Unisys operating environments stacks 100+ software products.  ClearPath MCP and OS 2200 software help with computing requirements within an enterprise, from processing transactions, building and deploying modern business applications to efficient memory usage, caching and file-system management.

These two versions also enable tracking of latest releases of the operating environment as well as majority of software products. With the help of the two versions, users can get access to information about enterprise-computing capabilities and the ways to adapt the same with applications for different operating environments.

"With MCP Express and OS 2200 Express, new generations of ClearPath Forward application programmers can develop their skills while learning key principles behind world-class enterprise operating environments," said Brian Herkalo, director, ClearPath Forward Solutions, Unisys. "They can also analyze test applications without occupying valuable cycles on currently active production platforms." he added.

The availability of these latest versions is absolutely free for PCS operating on Microsoft Windows 7 or above. MCP Express and OS 2200 Express come with an annual recurring license which needs to be updated to renew usage rights.