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Unity List Aggregator Standardizing the List Management Technique, Automating Marketing

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2021

ULA delivers unique solutions of automated list aggregation by effectively assisting the marketing practices.

FREMONT, CA: Tactical Marketing Automation, a company specialized in marketing automation services and consulting, launches Unity List Aggregator (ULA). The introduced tool is Software as a Service-based (SAAS) application to augment the list capabilities of Act-On Software's marketing automation software. The marketing agency offers advice and guidance to the marketers and assists them with the designs and deployment of their marketing campaigns.

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The newly launched application, ULA uses the standard license credentials to connect to an Act-on Software customer account and extracts the necessary marketing lists in the report. It is an ultimate list management tool which allows the users to identify list columns with the same data types to create a new list containing all the contact data for the Act-On account. The complete master list automates the management of adding new contacts in the Act-On List. Though ULA is not a part or product of the Act-On software applications, the Act-On efficiently supports it to integrate.

Act-On allows the marketers to load different data lists, and over time, the records continue to grow. The increase in the volume makes the files unmanageable and tedious aggregation process. Here, the ULA integrates with the Act-On Software to compile the complex data from the Act-On list into one master list. ULA enables to utilize the Act-On's feature of dynamic segmentation to develop different prospect segments based on the intrinsic and behavioral attributes. The application automates the master list, which allows one-time configuration and process easily for further development. The facilities like efficiently locating the entire list automatically into the application, stitching the data sets together using the standard names, identifying the incorrect list formatting and fixing the problem make it beneficial for the implementation.

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The full-service digital marketing agency, Tactical Marketing Automation, focuses on delivering strategic marketing plans to increase its customer's marketing qualification, lead nurture, lead generation, and sales efforts. Its advanced reporting services help the customer to evaluate the data and improve business decisions with actionable insights

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