UniWest's New EVi System Reaches Out to the Cut-Off Surface Areas with Real-Time Imaging Solutions

By CIOReview | Friday, October 30, 2015

PASCO, WA:  UniWest, specialized in eddy current and non-destructive testing (NDT), unveils its new eddy current testing system, EVi. With notable features like portable, high precision, operator-friendly, the solution expands UniWest’s signal to noise ratio technology by incorporating real-time capturing of surface under probe.  

The new solution identifies defects on a surface with clear cut interpretation of data using traditional eddy current charts, graphs or plots, in multiple display modes with actual time images of surface area.  The  EVi system helps operators to become shrewd acumen of surface conditions by accelerating the process of crack detection and other discontinuities with precise information collected from the on- screen data. The EVi display supports more than one display modes including surface imaging, impedance planes, oscilloscope, strip charts and many other data display formats. The solution functions in accordance with all UniWest scan probes and accessories.

"A crowning achievement in UniWest's commitment to ever-increasing levels of precision for non-destructive testing. The UniWest family of owner-employees is delighted to offer this next-generation technology to our existing customers as well as to the rest of the world," states Mark Gehlen, CEO, UniWest.

UniWest’s ECS-5 Bolt-Hole Scanner when integrated with Evi, facilitates imaging of inaccessible surface areas including complex, multi-stack and multi material stack-ups for bolt-hole inspection. The EVi/ECS-5 together delivers rotary and linear scan-motion indexing with scan resolutions ranging from 3 to 30 mil increments. While when EVi is incorporated withUniWest’s ECS-3S Handheld Scanner it covers the entire surface areas which are the unreachable, remote and obscure. The user friendly combination comes handy with a consistent high speed scan of the surface. The ECS-3S scans friction stir-welds and surface weldments up to 75’ at frequencies ranging from 20 kHz and 10 MHz.

As EVi is self automated with automatic connect-and-scan functionality, the involvement of operator is comparatively less. The unit makes necessary alterations automatically to operating parameters of scanners and accessories. The platform can be fully connected virtually to all communication and network protocols through USB, Ethernet, VGA via USB adapter, OSB/OTG, Multi I/O, Analog X/Y or USB Keyboard.