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Unleash the Power of Big Data to Increase Productivity

By CIOReview | Monday, April 30, 2018

With the rise of digital technologies and internet of things (IoT), enterprises today are deluged with a huge amount of data in various formats from all kinds of sources imaginable. Although organizations have realized the ability of the data and its impact on steering organizational success, they are in quest of an efficient solution to manage the treasure trove of information. The need to unlock the potential of big data, along with their trends and patterns has sparked a gold rush in many industries.

A big data solution is the key that has taken the world by storm. Its exceptional ability to collect, store and analyze large chunks of data has allowed organizations to not only to pull meaning full insight from data but also drive value and generate enormous revenue. According to reports, by 2020 big data and the business analytics market is poised to grow from $130.1 billion to over $203 billion.

The Growing Big data Trends

To further enhance the big data analytic capabilities, the majority of the organizations are investing in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable systems to learn innovative things without being explicitly programmed. In the near future, the mounting adoption of AI and ML, coupled with IoT apps are going to be the cornerstone for data-driven organizations. In addition, the integration of open source applications such as Hadoop and Spark with big data tools allow enterprises to access and respond to data in real time. Another rising trend is the incorporation of big data analytics into security programs, which helps enterprises to gather a plethora of information about malicious activities that enterprises can leverage to predict, prevent, and mitigate future cyber attacks.

Delivering the Competitive Edge

Majority of the businesses use big data analytics to identify potential customers, create new experiences and develop innovative products and services. A big data solution is used by almost every company, regardless of their size, from IT to healthcare to become more efficient and productive.

For instance, big data plays a significant role in the healthcare environment to provide better patient care and improve patient satisfaction. Healthcare organizations have been able to perform a better analysis of clinical trials and help predict outcomes. The big data tools also gather data from the sensors embedded in various medical equipment. This helps the healthcare institutions determine how products are leveraged in the real-time while allowing them to take relevant actions during emergency situations.

Therefore, there’s no denying that big data will continue to be the most powerful tool across different industries around the world. If organizations manage the growing data efficiently, then they can create wonders, while allowing businesses to be more productive and efficient.

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