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Unleashing the Power of Data to Combat Pollution

By CIOReview | Monday, February 5, 2018

Field service has been indispensable to the modern world as it is integral to providing timely assistance to customers. However, the path to quality field service has seldom been smooth. In addition to the workflow-related complications, another area of concern arising from field service is the rising pollution level due to increased transportation with regard to logistics and supply chain operations. As companies look for strategies to lower their carbon footprint, ByBox, a famed provider of locker technology for the delivery market, has pioneered the usage of big data to minimize pollution.

ByBox’s product offerings such as virtual warehouses, and clever stock systems unleash the power of data to achieve carbon offsetting. The company’s Thinventory and Stockonnect platforms permit the integration of devices in the field service areas extending the capability of even replacing damaged parts easily. Some of the strategies adopted by ByBox to reduce the emission of particulate matter include re-routing of orders based on cancellation data so that the stock on the move can be rerouted in real-time to deliver them at places where needed. Another approach involves scanning the downtime data pertaining to the field service provided at the customer site. For example, if a certain product B is sure to break down within a certain timeframe of replacing product A, then replacing both A and B together at the same time, would reduce the need for travel as well as save time.

As a matter of fact, the approaches adopted by ByBox, may not hold for every line of business. They are best suited for optimizing point-to-point delivery operations and eventually reduce the carbon emissions. Clearly, with the technology available to enrich the processes, the field service arena is poised for a bright future.

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