Unlock’s Unlockverse To Explore And Interact With Portfolio Firms
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Unlock’s Unlockverse To Explore And Interact With Portfolio Firms

By CIOReview | Monday, April 11, 2022

Unlock's Unlockverse is powered by Pixel Canvas as a new method for its portfolio companies to discover and interact with.

FREMONT, CA: Today, venture capital investment is at the crossroads of several critical movements reshaping the global economic ecology. This encompasses the rise of fourth industrial revolution technologies, digital transformation, and the continued rapid adoption of technology. Unlock Venture Partners, which just received Fund II, has come up with Unlockverse, a new way for Metaverse users to interact with a venture fund portfolio. Unlock has long had the belief that digital surroundings will continue to advance and achieve parity with physical spaces, revolutionizing work, pleasure, and commerce, particularly along crucial vectors such as visual fidelity and user experience. As a result, it's unsurprising that the fund has been tracking and investing in Metaverse and Web3-related startups for several years, including DRESSX, Irreverent Labs, Pixel Canvas, and Real Simple Labs.

Unlockverse allows visitors to wander through a vast venture studio, where each Unlock portfolio company has its section dedicated to learning about it. Outer, a major outdoor furniture firm has a corporate overview presentation, movies, and images of its items available when entering its Unlockverse space for the first time. Once inside the area, visitors can alter the colors on models of the space's couches. Within a few months, these rooms will resemble an Outer neighborhood showroom, where users can modify 3D models of the couches and then conduct a live video contact with an in-house salesperson via a chat option.

Typically, venture funds have included a hyperlink to their portfolio companies. When Unlock invested in Pixel Canvas and discovered the solution's browser-based, photo-realistic, 3D, immersive, and interactive environments for businesses, they wanted to use it to reinvent how their portfolio could be displayed to the outside world.

Unlock Venture Partners is developing a place for live events such as AMAs and demo days. Visitors can effortlessly teleport between regions to visit individual businesses, allowing them to explore Unlockverse at their leisure.

Pixel Canvas, a Los Angeles-based portfolio firm of Unlock Venture Partners Fund II, has origins in virtual reality and digital events. The company's solutions combine high-end visual aesthetics, gamification, and enterprise-focused user engagement.

“This is a great way for us to provide a more tangible and immersive environment in which potential investors, partners, customers, and the outside world can learn about our companies and us as a fund,” states Sanjay Reddy, Unlock’s Partner based in Los Angeles. “Text is great. Images and videos are great. However, interacting with, and learning about, companies in a manner closer to the way one would in real life is what we believe the Metaverse will afford our industry, and this is an initial version of what we envision the future in this medium to be.”

“Venture funds are just one example. There is tremendous demand among investors, businesses, and consumers for immersive virtual platform opportunities. We believe every business will eventually operate in the Metaverse.” states Andy Liu, Unlock’s Partner in Seattle. “Come and visit Unlockverse and help us progress and refine new ways in which to interact with each other.”