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Unlocking Valuable Customer Engagement Capabilities with Enhanced CRM Software

By CIOReview | Friday, August 9, 2019
Joseph M. Sanda, CEO

Joseph M. Sanda, CEO

CRM adds immense value to the business landscape. Robust software solutions can help companies create and harness great customer relationships.  

FREMONT, CA: Astute, the leading customer engagement agency released the latest version of Astute Agent with new features and better controls. Astute Agent is the company's flagship CRM software that assists clients in achieving better customer engagement, and the newly unveiled version comes with enhanced capabilities that accords improved efficiency, superior configurability, and simpler compliance to regulations.

Agents that use Astute's CRM solution can customize it to make it the best fit for their requirements. As an improved version, Astute Agent 10 boasts of desirable features like auto-populated case fields, next best action, integrated knowledge base and auto-generated messages for email response in addition to many others. Compliance tools, which is a newly introduced feature, equips companies to configure operations that optimize compliance with consumer privacy regulations.

Omni-channel support for customers through SMS, phone, emails, social media, as well as web browsers helps service providers build consistent experiences. The solution also provides the options of live chat that ensures consumers get quick response. Features like auto-complete and intelligent type-down options make data entry smarter and save time. The software is now browser independent and offers excellent flexibility. With the addition of feedback surveys to the portfolio, Astute Agent comes across as a comprehensive solution for customer engagement. Additionally, the CRM solution is also constituted of reporting and analytics facilities that help businesses derive insights and track trends.

Astute has found a place in the list of 20 Most Promising Travel and Hospitality Technology Solution Providers, CIOReview. With vast experience in the area of customer engagement, it helps companies drive efficient customer interactions and valuable relationships with the help of its insightful approach and powerful tools. Apart from Astute Agent, the company offers Astute Social, Astute Knowledge, Astute Bot and several other products. The user interface from Astute is highly intuitive, offering customers a unique and pleasant experience while assisting companies in their quest of overcoming business hurdles. With AI-driven software and intelligent capabilities, Astute serves clients with best-in-class solutions.

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