UOP Amine Guard FS Process Adds New Dimension to Natural Gas Liquefaction

By CIOReview | Friday, December 11, 2015

HOUSTON, TX: Texas LNG enters into Master Framework Alliance on choosing Honeywell’s natural gas technology and process automation to purify natural gas before liquefaction. The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is then exported to their global customers. Texas LNG- a Houston-based energy company engaged in Liquefied Natural Gas related activities focuses on reduction of per unit costs, market accelerations, LNG off take flexibilities, capital utilization. Honeywell offers an advanced and cost effective gas supply chain deployment with accurate security services. The project located on the port of Brownsville, south Texas  is expected to produce 4 million tons of LNG by 2020.

“With today's large capital projects, leading technology companies must deliver value that goes beyond just providing technology on time and within budget. Honeywell is going even further and transforming the way major projects is designed and delivered," states Pieter Krynauw, Vice President, Honeywell’s projects.

The agreement permits Texas LNG to use Honeywell’s UOP Amine Guard FS Process. The process initially takes up the acid gas reduction process along with the proprietary adsorbents for water, mercury and sulfur removal from the natural gas. The second step of this process deeply reduces carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur components.

Honywell’s process engagement with Texas will allow them  to  learn risk and delay  management  through its solutions including lean project execution services ,LEAP, Experion  PKS with Distributed Systems Architecture (DSA), Experion Security Integrator, Fault Tolerant Ethernet Tolerant Ethernet(FTE), Universal process and safety I/O, and virtualization . Honeywell’s UOP provides advanced gas technologies by genuine refining process that includes natural gas liquids recovery, as well as hydrogen purifications. Honeywell’s feature will be added in this process via advanced control, Safety Manager, Fire and gas systems, OneWireless Network, Digital Video to extend the process control network globally.