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UpCloud Launches a New Data Center in Warsaw, Poland

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 18, 2020

UpCloud has introduced its 11th data centre in Warsaw, Poland to ensure better service and support to customers situated in Central Europe.

FREMONT, CA: UpCloud has introduced its 11th data centre in Warsaw, Poland. Europe is one of UpCloud's most important markets. Therefore, after Helsinki, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Madrid, the organization announced its data center's opening in Warsaw. The new addition to UpCloud's data centers will ensure better service and support to customers situated in Central Europe.

"We wanted to open an availability zone specifically in Warsaw, since we have seen so many incredible companies coming from there. We want to support them even more by bringing the new data centre closer," says UpCloud's founder and CTO Joel Pihlajamaa.

PL-WAW1 is UpCloud's 11th data center and 7th in Europe. It is located in the latest new and modern Equinix IBX WA3 Data Center facilities opened in March 2020. It showcases similar performance as every other UpCloud's data centers collaborated with the highest dependable and security standards. Besides, the entire data center platform will be supplied with 100 percent renewable energy from the wind when it is entirely completed.

The Warsaw data center is also operating entirely on the AMD EPYC processor architecture, the latest breed of server processors with more CPU cores and improved performance on virtually all workloads. PL-WAW1 is now ready for installing servers from the UpCloud Control Panel.

UpCloud's expansion continues

UpCloud's international growth, which was possible due to the ‚¬18 million investment secured in January 2020, did not end there. During 2020-21, the company was introducing ten new data centers around the globe. The organization is also looking for new employees in all of its offices in Helsinki, London, Seattle, and Singapore. 

UpCloud is a European cloud service provider that offers the world's fastest cloud servers on an hourly billed infrastructure-as-a-service from its various data centers worldwide. The headquarter of UpCloud is in Helsinki, Finland. It has been recognized twice as the number one Performance Leader among the top 10 Cloud Hosting Providers in Europe by Cloud Spectator. Their customers run business-critical web applications on UpClouds IaaS platform. UpCloud has obtained trust with its high performance, dependability, and high quality of customer service, and very cost-effective pricing.