Updated Actin Robotics Software Boosts Dexterity in Robots

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Robotics in its current state isn’t fully prepared to replace the manual workforce in challenging work environments. As the world awaits a flexible, intuitive, and agile line of Robots, Energrid has updated its robotics software, Actin, that breathes intuition and environmental awareness in robots.

The latest Actin 4.0 is built to propel robot adoption in more applications in a cost effective manner. This software achieves coordinated robotic operation that can be sequenced with a graphical user interface (GUI) making it viable for implementation in complex tasks demanding dexterity.

The robotics software, Actin 4.0, empowers human operators with powerful simulation and control techniques that enable efficient functioning of robots in challenging tasks including visual, laser radar, and touch feedback.

Technical details
Actin 4.0 supports Linux, Windows, VxWorks, and OSX. It supports C++ and Python and uses Data Distribution Service (DDS) – a machine to machine middleware standard – to connect to different networks. Control, simulation, and human interface can be customized through an API. The software includes configurable limits on joint acceleration that makes various other hardware types to perform efficiently in challenging environments.

Actin 4.0 robotics software caters to the needs of various industry verticals including energy, logistics, space, manufacturing, and research. As a solution for control and multiphysics simulation, the software finds relevance in fidelity 3D rendering, global and local path planning, advanced sensor integration, CAD model conversion, dynamic grasping, graphical programming, and more.