Updated Version of Boatyard's Award-Winning Service Platform Now Available
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Updated Version of Boatyard's Award-Winning Service Platform Now Available

By CIOReview | Monday, December 13, 2021
Cio Review

Cio Review

Customers report increased revenue, time savings, and enhanced customer experiences with the new Boatyard’s customer service platform.

FREMONT, CA: Customer experience software (CX) monitors and improves customer experience when interacting with a business or brand. Customer experience software educates and supports new and existing customers, delivering a great customer experience. For the first time, Boatyard has come up with a new set of customer experience capabilities for its best-in-class customer service platform.

“Our goal is to eliminate unnecessary administrative work for service teams, while creating remarkable customer experiences for boat owners,” states Nathan Heber, CEO of Boatyard, “The release of our new dashboard and web app is the next step on our mission to transform the boat service experience.”

Boatyards' newest features include photo and video sharing, one-click status updates, Outlook and Google Calendar integration, and a fully-integrated web application that allows boat owners to file service requests 24/7 from any of its customers' websites. Boatyards' customers.

Early adopters of Boatyard's new technology saved an average of 10 minutes for each service order during the private test. Boat owners may now request servicing appointments, communicate scheduling preferences, securely input payment information, and upload images and videos directly from the website of any boat dealer or maritime company.

Team members are alerted when a new service request is submitted via the Boatyards customer experience platform, which is ultimately linked with the web app. With just a few clicks, you can update your profile, interact with customers, send images and videos, schedule service, assign tasks to team members, and make payments all from one central location.

“Boatyards new platform has a lot of added functions that make our jobs easier and more profitable,” adds Andrew Armao, Parts and Service Director for MarineMax Miami, “It has instant status updates, which take less than two seconds to send, and the upload capability of photos and videos. And the messaging capabilities of this new platform are amazing. Use it, no excuses!”