Updated Version of TestingWhiz to Provide Advanced Test Automation

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2015

PARAMUS, NJ: Recently, a new version of TestingWhiz (4.5) was released  with new features and capabilities for addressing the user’s varying and ever increasing requirements. 

TestingWhiz 4.5 include capabilities such as performing tests for SOAPful Web Services, parsing XML messages and conducting Risk Based Testing (RBT) to support Agile testing while maintaining compliance.

Additional features comprises of cleansing dataset, defining custom data validation rules data cleansing feature and new set of actions for checking data value between a range added in compare, If, If-Not, Else-If and Else-IF Not commands.

“The release of TestingWhiz version 4.5 is our effort to integrate features required by our valued customers and partners to make it a 360 test automation tool. With features like Data Cleansing, Risk Based Testing and extending support for testing web services on SOAP, we look forward to solve critical test automation problems in agile sprints and smooth the test automation efforts of testers and QA analysts,” says the Managing Director , Niraj Hutheesing.

Despite being a test automation tool, the integration of new features are claimed to work as an accelerator to support end-to-end testing.