Upgraded C3 Customer Analytics Application Suite Offers Improved Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Friday, January 22, 2016

FREMONT, CA: C3 Energy has introduced the upgraded version of its C3 Customer Analytics application suite which enables utilities and energy retailers to offer a more engaging customer experience. The upgraded version allows clients to provide increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and participation through enhanced transparency levels and improved controllability.

“By transitioning from call center and paper-based communications to a comprehensive digital customer experience, utilities can develop cost-effective, targeted engagement strategies that increase participation in utility-sponsored programs, achieve energy efficiency targets, and improve customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention,” said Ed Abbo, C3 Energy President and Chief Technology Officer.

The application suite comes with 10 new modules which enhance the C3 Residential, C3 Commercial, and C3 Enterprise applications. The modules offers augmented navigation, enhanced workflows, and responsive design which improves customer engagement while the predictive billing analytics offer customers an insightful view of billing and other contributing factors.

The new version also has advanced visualization features that provide power users to track energy usage and meter costs. Furthermore, the upgraded suite comes with three advanced analytics tools such as the energy disaggregation algorithms, a universal rate engine, and energy efficiency project integrations which enhance customer experience as well as energy efficiency programs. Additionally, C3 has collaborated with MarketoTM, a marketing platform that allows end users to receive custom alerts, messages, and notifications on their devices. Moreover, end users are provided with the access to a web-based interface by integrating C3 Intelligence that enables them to draw insights from available data to better understand their customers, conduct internal analysis, and inform marketing campaigns.

“C3 Energy’s software applications bring together data integration, predictive analytics using machine learning techniques, and customer engagement on a single operating platform to generate insightful and, just as importantly, actionable outcomes,” added Abbo. The application has been deployed by Eversource, a utility system provider from New England, to offer better customer engagement experience for their residential, small commercial, and large commercial customers.