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Upgrading the Banking Processes with Artificial Intelligence

By CIOReview | Friday, May 18, 2018

As technology has significantly revolutionized different industries, the banking sector is also seeking for some innovations. Introducing Artificial intelligence (AI) in this sector is transforming the way banking used to operate as clients are evolving too. AI has improved their processes in different ways. Therefore, client’s expectations from banking sector are also increasing.

AI has made today’s banking more efficient. It has increased the levels of customer services. Whether it is requesting assistance in cash transfer, cards management, bills payment or any other support, AI has significantly improved to enrich customer satisfaction levels. All of the operations are streamlined and can easily be operated through smartphone devices.

From another perspective, scam deduction was becoming very challenging for banking sector before artificial intelligence. AI is making it easier to recognize the factors involved in frauds and support investigation teams. It is capable of developing a new approach to understanding the transactions in crucial aspects to identify the scam factor. Deep learning is a significant factor of AI that supports in recovering complex pattern within data. This tactic is used in revealing a wide range of frauds before they can take another victim. In today's banking sector, rental scans and other biometric technologies are also using AI. All of these technologies have supported in enhancing security measures and authenticating the access for internal clients.

All of these factors add to the advantages AI can bring about in the banking sector. We can witness the evolution already with numerous international banking institutions employing AI to create a seamless workflow.

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