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User is the King: Behavior-Driven Development

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Behavior Driven Development (BDD), like agile development, features users’ demand in the software and its functionalities to make the application a smooth platform to explore. Excellent behavior-driven developers make the journey more fruitful by structuring bloat-free, focused, and semantically coded apps.

BDD generates user satisfaction with software by integrating their requirements through the analysis of business domains, recognition of audience type, and prioritizing users’ intentions. The process is iterated until the developers obtain complete insights into each of the requisites.

User stories, the formation of an actual needs chart for customer interaction, is an optimal strategy to develop a behavior-driven solution. The ideal source for the betterment of solutions is the audience feedback; will result in being user-friendly in all aspects.  In case of a user authentication-based solution, the BDD is focused on the collection of targeted functional specifications such as integration of requisite fields for user signup and login.

To create agile solutions in BDD, emphasis needs to be provided to make impressive user stories; a detailed user story encapsulates all permutations allowing developers to construct features as per requirements. Another aspect that can be considered for the creation of a good user story is to segregate the story into partitions. The simplification of user stories helps attainment of excellent end-results. Short stories are unnerving and effortless to understand and solve.

The mapping of software corresponding to the user behavior is mandatory because the customer-driven development is the direct staircase to success. It is only possible to achieve results when equipped with in-depth knowledge of both business and user needs. 

The voyage of developing agile solutions started many seas ago, with the advent of BDD; a new level has been reached. The delivery of value to each solution, being the primordial motivation for business development will enable BDD to facilitate streamlining of operations. By choosing BDD, it is guaranteed that the business will reach new heights.

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