Userful Joins hands with Net Display Systems to Provide Digital Signage Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 10, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Userful, provider of centralized display software integrates its solution with Net Display Systems, provider of digital signage software, to create a versatile digital signage solution. Through this integration, users can now deploy Net Display Systems’ PADS4 with Userful to display centrally managed content onto video walls.

"The need for high-quality digital signage is growing rapidly. The Userful appliance sits between your content sources and your displays making it easy and cost effective to deploy multi-screen networks. We provide customers with the flexibility and power to deploy what they want, where they want it," says Tim Griffin, CTO, Userful.

Userful Network Video Wall turns a standard PC into a video wall server, which can deliver a variety of contentup to 25 displays. Net Display Systems’ PADS4 enhances the solution to deploy perfectly timed data on to video walls at any resolution needed. PADS4 is a digital software package aimed to provide solutions for targeted display solutions. Some of the features of PADS4 include PADS Designer that helps in designing presentations; PADS Scheduler helps in scheduling the presentations; PADS Server that automatically distributed presentations to the displays when required; PADS Viewer ensures timely play of presentations at the right displays and supports content from media files, social media and other linked data sources and PADS Agent monitors the performance of networks and manages the displays.

The Userful Network Video Wall combined with Net Display Systems can be easily incorporated in a business’ infrastructure and provide a smart digital signage solution to cope the rapid growth and meet the customer needs. It is suitable for Communications, retail, healthcare, education and hospitality markets.