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Uses and Benefits of Gamification

By CIOReview | Friday, June 8, 2018

Increased game-playing has proven highly beneficial in specific industrial sectors, especially when it comes to employee benefits and human capital management. Gamification is increasingly used in these sectors to address the challenges of training and skill development, employee recruitment and retention, and benefit utilization.

While HR gamification is not new, it has become more relevant with time. This results from new business priorities and changes in the management of HR. Emphasizing employee experience and the need to improve their skills, combines with opportunities to increase service levels while cutting costs with self-service applications. At the same time, it is difficult to determine a technology’s ROI, as it is hard to quantify the benefits of gamification like employee engagement and establishing rapport and encouraging healthy competition. Gamification has also proven to be extremely useful in assessing potential recruits during the hiring process.

Gamification plays a significant role in three types of assessment tools—simulation, skill-based assessment and behavior-based assessment. Simulation helps in tracing an employee’s weak spots before he is required to make split-second decisions and handle customers real-time. Skills-based assessment tracks a person’s technical expertise, especially during the hiring process. It can also be utilized to assess and improve upon the skills of the employees. Behavior-based assessment is primarily used to identify hidden talent in the company’s workforce to place them in appropriate leadership positions.

HR gamification is also highly useful in training employees, especially when combined with open online courses. Gamification also assists in spreading the word about employee benefits by turning the dull, complicated material into a challenge, where more people can participate, learn and utilize the benefits. The power and effectiveness of gamification can make drab aspects of a job, like crisis management, training and improve leadership and sales skills a fun process, leading to the widespread use of the format.

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