Usher's Multifactor Authentication Solution Gets FIDO Accreditation

By CIOReview | Friday, August 21, 2015

TYSONS CORNER, VA: MicroStrategy announces that its enterprise security solution, Usher, has achieved The Fido (Fast Identity Online) Alliance certification. The company now joins the club of technology honchos who are vying to do away with passwords for ensuring security.

Usher’s FIDO UAF certification puts MicroStrategy in the growing list of technology and financial services organizations that have been accredited by the FIDO Alliance. Usher is a solution that is developed to replace vulnerable security measures, like passwords and keycards. In addition, it can also be used as a powerful workforce management resource because it allows managers to gain a new real-time window into the activity of their distributed workforces, while delivering powerful interactive features to manage or direct them.

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With the help of a set of test tools designed by the FIDO Alliance, combination of several vendors including Microsoft, Google, Intel, Lenovo and various credit card companies, the certification program is done on every  new solutions and services. According to MicroStrategy, to get this certification, Usher has to go through a series of tests, which includes its compliance with the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) and interoperability with other FIDO Certified products and services that support FIDO 1.0 specifications.

Commenting on the achievement, Jonathan Klein, President of MicroStrategy Incorporated, states, “Our customers can now use Usher to adopt the FIDO UAF standard in a matter of minutes- quickly making great improvements to their security. We encourage governments, businesses, and organizations to move beyond the antiqued password model and try out Usher’s robust and secure multi-factor authentication solution.” 

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