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Using Big Data to Prevent Accidents

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Big data, a term the world is raving about for the past few years, not only has the potential to unravel insights that can elevate an organization to great heights, but prevent accidents as well. An alarming survey published in 2013 revealed that over 32,000 people succumbed to accidents that year. The recent times have seen the emergence of smart cities across many nations, where intelligent traffic lights, street signs and buildings with the ability to communicate with each other to decongest traffic and the curb the number of accidents.

The employment of big data has helped the authorities of urban pockets to learn the history and causes of accidents over a period of time and devise strategies to prevent them. Many city dwellers opine that the adoption of big data has significantly curbed the traffic woes that made people fret probably a few years ago. Several traffic police departments across the United States have been relying on predictive analytic software to prevent road mishaps. The finest example probably is Crash Reduction Analyzing Statistical History (CRASH), a software that comprehensively collects data that includes updates on upcoming events and identification of accident prone areas and liquor selling segments of the city.

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