Using Biometry to Enhance IT Security from UBIN AG
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Using Biometry to Enhance IT Security from UBIN AG

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 6, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Ubin AG has upgraded its flagship security solution, MiKey, which will allow biometric authentication. This feature voids the need for authentication using passwords, reports PRNewswire. Ubin AG is a German company providing biometry based IT security solutions that integrates biometric authentication into ECM and ERP systems.

A robust fingerprint reader, encryption, storage and smart card are integrated into a unified USB Stick form-factor that is easy to access. The concept is based on linking the user’s digital ID to their physical ID. The MiKey is designed to make the extraction of biometrics impossible thus enabling fool-proof security. Mikey supports mobile device authentication, PC Login, secure cloud access, digital signatures for e-mail, documents and online transactions, secure data storage and encryption as well as facility access. The company is expected to add wireless near field communication capability sometime later this year that is touted to broaden the reach of the MiKey to the handheld devices. MiKey is available in various sizes ranging up to a maximum of 32GB and will be available in the second quarter.

“The MiKey solution is a great leap forward in information security and comes at a relevant time of increasing privacy concerns,” said Uwe Braun, UBIN’s Managing Director. “By combining biometrics, encryption and storage in one highly integrated device, enterprise customers are able to achieve an unprecedented degree of secure access to their data.”

Through biometric authentication, the company offers user-friendly access to IT infrastructure and applications enabling greater security to businesses.

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