Using Workspace Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation with Better End-user Experience
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Using Workspace Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation with Better End-user Experience

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Digital workplace has become an unavoidable step for any business that wants to succeed in digital transformation. Within every enterprise workstation, there is untapped potential for savings and better system performance. 

Workspace analytics and IT asset optimization can harmonize your resource stack and identify waste.

We are in the midst of the workspace revolution - and it's more than just immersing ourselves in industry buzzwords such as "co-working." This transformation is a full circle - and we are starting to see typical transaction relationships humanize between landlords and tenants who are demanding a fully serviced and tech style offering. This industry has never been more energized or exciting to be a part of!

The evolution and understanding around the importance of the right technology in the right workspace will be continued in 2018!

End users are people too! This relates to 'what does a successful user look like and how can we replicate that success at scale?' We need to learn how to segment and personalize their IT experience for better performance in the organization.

Workspace analytics can help organizations determine how end users are using their applications. Everyone uses applications differently and don't forget about month end, quarter end and year end task that will likely demand more resources from the hosts.

With workspace analytics, it is very easy to collect 'data' about the end user work patterns and styles, that allows organizations to make the best decisions, based on evidence. It helps in delivering highly available workspaces, improving the end user experience and efficiency of the workspace they operate in.

Workspace analytics can put answers to questions such as: "What is our user experience?" or "who is having slow login times?" or "what is impacting user experience right now?" at your fingertips in no time.

Then why not use workspace analytics to identify the correlation between very high Workspace health and efficiency scores to departmental/regional revenue growth or loss patterns?

The automation of Persona’s using Lakeside SysTrack Analytics, enables organizations to gain greater controls on the end-user workspace, ensuring every user always gets the workspace they need, when they need it, with a consistent QoS delivered no matter what platform, device, application they use, across any region or location they operate in.

Lakeside Software also provides essential IT telemetry for Windows 10 with their SysTrack end-user analytics platform. Systrack helps customers reduce helpdesk costs and improve risk management by providing an ‘inside-out’ view of desktop performance and user interactions.

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