Utopia VR Announces Debut Of Its Global Metaverse Platform And Profit Share Affiliate Program

Utopia VR Announces Debut Of Its Global Metaverse Platform And Profit Share Affiliate Program

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2022

Utopia VR’s Global Metaverse Platform and Profit Share Affiliate Program will allow customers to have a fully immersive experience while making some money.

Fremont, CA: "This new and exciting internet era is a turning point for the internet. Everyone recognizes that there are companies that have dominated the dot-com landscape for years. It’s time the average person benefits from this new era, and we are excited to share our revenue with our customers," comments Kevin Vincent, Utopia VR’s VP of global marketing. Utopia VR, a global pioneer in offering web-based metaverse solutions, has announced the debut of its global metaverse platform and profit-sharing affiliate program. The affiliate program is free to join, and a registered affiliate does not need to be a paid member.

The Metaverse for Everyone by Utopia VR is a web-based, avatar-driven, mobile-friendly audio and videoconferencing platform that makes use of cutting-edge 3D web technologies. Utopia VR's free virtual platform is compatible with all key platforms, including PCs, mobile phones, and VR headsets like Oculus Quest and HTC Vive. No hardware or software is required.

Utopia VR is confident, based on the enthusiasm of early subscribers from around the world, that its best marketers will be its free and paid customers; therefore, the company is pleased to provide a significant affiliate commission scheme that compensates consumers for recommending Utopia VR to others.

“The transition of digital commerce 2.0, one-dimensional website(s), over to the metaverse and three-dimensional, fully interactive environments, is going to be extremely rapid. Every entity that has an existing website owns digital assets to represent their company. This includes text, describing what they do; pictures; videos; PDF presentations; slideshows; etc. To transition the digital assets, all that is required is to copy and paste the content into one of our VRooms. This will allow their customers and audiences to experience their company in a whole new, immersive way. The transition of the metaverse will change how business is done in the future.” David Martin, VP of global operations.