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UX Design can be improved using data science, here’s how

By CIOReview | Monday, February 4, 2019

One of the major factors which emerges today for transforming web design is UX design. Development teams always try to find the sweet spot which makes a website or an app user-centric. UX designers, researchers and data analytics combined can fine-tune the creative process and its outcome. Here is how data science can improve UX design:

Determining Target Audience

Taking an approach that the users don’t know what they want has to be supported by showing them what they want with a sublime design. It is only possible when the company is designing an entirely new product. If the company is developing a website or an app, it is pretty clear that the users want smooth navigation. However, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to UX design. There are loads of complexities, and the designers have not found an approach that helps them work better. With data science, designers learn about user behavior, compartmentalize users by behavioral patterns, understand the user’s context, and better guidance in the design process. 

The Design Dilemma

Even an experienced designer is incapable of predicting the wants and needs of the user. Additionally, familiarity with the product takes out the impartiality out of the process. Usability testing is crucial for the entire development process. However, data could provide guidance way before user testing. Data-driven UX can minimize guesswork and eliminates the need of coming back to scratch. There are free tools available in the market to provide a certain level of insight, but the secret lies in compiling, analyzing, and understanding the data.

Customer segmentation

A personalized experience is essential for a user. It makes them feel catered and unique. With the right information, the website or an app can show the correct information and messages. Companies use this strategy to get connect better with the client and the customers. User personalization is also useful in re-targeting campaigns.