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vablet Hires Justin Nimergood as Chief Revenue Officer

By CIOReview | Monday, October 8, 2018

IRVINE, CALIF: The sales enablement market is currently $780M and, according to leading industry analyst Aragon Research, it is estimated to grow to $5B by 2021.

Given this rapid growth projection, Meiotic, Inc., has hired former Cisco Channel/Sales Leader, Justin Nimergood, as the Company's new Chief Revenue Officer. With his deep direct and channel sales leadership experience while at Cisco, his cross-industry relationships, and his solid core character values, "Justin was the perfect person to take on our company's sales mission: to more than triple our revenue over the next five years," states CEO Paul Pacun. COO Michael Ames adds, "His extremely relevant experience, his energetic personality, and his methodical approach to sales execution made Justin an easy choice to carry the vablet growth torch “as we aim to solidify our position as a market leader."

When asked to give his perspective on vablet, and the opportunity in the Sales Enablement/Content Training market, Nimergood remarked, "It's a space that I'm very familiar with from years of field sales and sales leadership positions. I know the frustration of not having real-time access to anything, anytime, anywhere, with any device, and on any platform. While huge companies like Cisco helped lay the plumbing to make that fundamentally possible, there are serious disconnects that begin to exist as you enter the application layer. vablet bridges that gap, helping give organizations peace of mind regarding their mobility challenges, their technology integration needs, their regulatory/compliance issues, and their ongoing data intelligence strategies. Further, with video becoming more and more important, vablet delivers videos unlike any of their competitors."

Described by many as an assertive yet balanced leader, Justin sees a promising future for vablet in the sales enablement space.  He is ready to fuel the company's growth engine, to continue its market leadership position, and increase its market share in the industry.