Vaddio Introduces Microsoft Teams-Certified Intellishot-M Eptz Camera
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Vaddio Introduces Microsoft Teams-Certified Intellishot-M Eptz Camera

By CIOReview | Saturday, July 2, 2022

Microsoft Teams Rooms certified intellishot-m eptz camera with intelliframe customizable auto-framing technology, 30x zoom, professional-grade image quality, remote management, and more features had been introduced by vaddio.

Fremont, CA: "Vaddio has always been a trusted partner for enterprise-grade solutions," comments Darrin Thurston, vice president, and general manager at Vaddio. "As a certified device partner, we ensure customers have a no-compromise Teams experience. Users can confidently and easily start and conduct meetings that achieve the highest camera standards for meetings set by Microsoft right out of the box." Vaddio, the global leader in robotic PTZ cameras and camera control solutions, has introduced its new IntelliSHOT-M ePTZ camera, designed and certified particularly for Microsoft Teams Rooms. IntelliSHOT-M ensures a uniform, repeatable, and high-quality experience for Microsoft Teams.

The IntelliSHOT-M professional camera from Vaddio extends the industry-leading position of Vaddio's video collaboration solutions in big conference rooms and classrooms by integrating the Microsoft Teams Rooms collaboration platform. The IntelliSHOT-M is equipped with Vaddio's unique IntelliFrameTM technology, the only auto-framing solution that is being modified based on room conditions and user preferences. The technology results from years of research and development by Vaddio and provides the most exact and dependable auto-framing experience. IntelliFrame uses a combination of highly sensitive motion detection and complex algorithms to provide smooth, accurate, and reliable participant framing, as opposed to relying solely on facial recognition, which can fail with facial coverings or incorrectly identify objects such as posters on the wall as people.

IntelliSHOT-M additionally permits the fine-tuning of the camera's speed for following a walking presenter and the shot's proximity to the instructor. The integrator can change the waiting period before framing new persons on a whiteboard, the frequency with which the auto-framer resizes the image, and the maximum allowable zoom. Moreover, these options represent a spectrum rather than a simple on/off switch, allowing expert builders to optimize every installation. IntelliSHOT-M is preprogrammed with six standard configurations, such as "responsive lecture capture" and "default conference," to make it simple to install and set up without compromising system performance when speed is of the essence.