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Vantage Point Chooses Yamaha to Better Enterprise Communications

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Vantage Point uses Yamaha’s conferencing and collaboration tools to skyrocket its enterprise communication.

FREMONT, CA: Vantage Point Logistics (VPL)has deployed the two advanced video conferencing solution suites that are developed by Yamaha Unified Communications. Vantage Point has chosen Yamaha upon the recommendation of the IT consultant. Yamaha Unified Communications is a popular and reputed company that is offering seamless, transparent, enhanced, and efficient online meetings and digital conferencing and collaboration solutions. By integrating the features and concepts of advanced technology, Yamaha offers solution suites that are oh superior quality, AV-centric, simple, fast, and simple as well. Vantage Point has installed the solutions in its new headquarters in Ohio.

In its old location, VPL used separate equipment for audio and video. This setting involved a mess with clutters of cables. In contrast, the solution by Yamaha, CS-700is professional clutter-free equipment.CS-700is a result of the expertise and experience of Yamaha. This futuristic conferencing and collaboration solution stands qualified to eliminate almost every challenge that VPL is faced with. CS-700 provides the best quality audio, video, and collaboration capabilities in a single wall-mounted unit. it features an adaptive beam forming microphone array to capture the sound and light signals perfectly from any corner of the room. This helps in ensuring a clear and quality conversation over the digital channel.

Yamaha Unified Communications provides high quality and unparalleled audio and video conferencing solutions in the market. The suites of solutions offered by the company would help in streamlining collaboration and enhance the productivity of a business process. Yamaha's unified communications (UC) products and solutions allow users to experience natural, transparent, and clear conversations in any meeting space.