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Varian Medical Systems Releases Design Process Accelerating Software - Attila4MC

By CIOReview | Friday, May 13, 2016
Tim Fox, Associate VP-Imaging Informatics, Varian Medical Systems

Tim Fox, Associate VP-Imaging Informatics, Varian Medical Systems

PALO ALTO, CA: Varian Medical Systems, a manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiation, has recently launched a new computer aided engineering (CAE) software that simplifies the designing process of shielding and radiological protection systems. The software product, dubbed Attila4MC consists of the Monte Carlo N-Particle Code (MCNP) software package, and has an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for simplifying the computation.

Varian Medical Systems provides imaging and data analytics solutions to help medicine practitioners plan, treat, and manage image-guided radiation therapy. “At Varian, we are incorporating imaging along with the entire patient continuum from diagnosis to treatment to follow up,” remarks Tim Fox, Associate Vice President-Imaging Informatics, Varian Medical Systems. More importantly, the new Attila4MC software platform will boost productivity for a broad range of radiation transport applications. The Attila4MC range of products will also offer design and verification support for systems where radiation effects are of vital importance to product performance, safety, and reliability.

Additionally, the Attila4MC software will allow a reduction in analysis impediments for engineers through several capabilities. Varian’s innovative product provides MCNP users with CAD integration and automated variance reductions, on a user-friendly interface, to enhance analysis productivity. Engineers can further take advantage of the comprehensive Monte Carlo simulation reports for optimal safety, reliability, and performance configuration settings during the developmental phase of the products.

With a steadfast campaign to accelerate the productivity of MCNP users, Attila Product Line’s Senior Manager, Greg Failla, said that Attila4MC would facilitate organizations in incorporating Monte Carlo simulation results into their product designs efficiently, and aid users in improving the ease, speed, and confidence of their calculations. Attila4MC is predicted to be of particular advantage for research that involves medical physics and nuclear engineering.

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