Varonis Interoperability with HP ArcSight Enables Instant Warning on Cyber Attacks

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Varonis Systems, provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data enables interoperability of its DatAdvantage and DatAlert solutions with HP ArcSight, a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform.

By extending instant detection capabilities, interoperability of solutions will allow users to easily send alerts from Varonis DatAdvantage and DatAlert into HP ArcSight and statistically identify anomalies, malware and ransom ware infections like CryptoLocker and Cryptowall, privilege escalations, unusual access to PII, multiple failed login attempts, and many more potential warning signs, mass deletions and modifications.

"Enterprises need to be able to bring together threat intelligence from many sources. With the interoperability of Varonis and HP ArcSight, customers gain unprecedented intelligence in the realm of unstructured data – which is the type of data they typically have the most of and know the least about. From initial reconnaissance through data exfiltration and attack obfuscation, Varonis and HP ArcSight can help organizations spot the warning signs before they end up in the news because of a data breach," explains David Gibson, Vice President of Strategy and Market Development, Varonis.

Varonis backs customers to protect their unstructured data by analyzing user activity with files and emails, permissions and file system metadata, as well as file content.