VBrick Collaborates with Adobe to Integrate Adobe Flash Multicast Protocol into VBrick's Rev

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2015

FREMONT, CA: VBrick, a provider of enterprise video through its Rev cloud-native platform, has joined hands with Adobe to integrate the Adobe Flash multicast protocol directly into VBrick’s Rev enterprise video platform.

The customers will now have instant access to Adobe Flash multicasting without the need of separate server licensing and without loading special stream receivers. The Adobe Flash multicast protocol is integrated directly into media server, VBrick Distributed Media Engine.  The customers therefore don’t need to buy and integrate their personal Adobe Media server. Moreover, the viewers don’t have to install a third-party service to enable multicast delivery as Flash is already installed in most of the personal computers. 

“Video streaming within the enterprise requires a robust platform capable of adapting to existing enterprise IT capabilities and not disrupting existing workflows. Many enterprises today are exploring ways in which they can leverage their existing capabilities to harness the power of video. The inclusion of Flash multicast protocol directly into VBrick’s Rev enterprise video platform comes at a very opportune time given the installed base of Flash within the enterprise,” says Mukul Krishna, Senior Global Director for Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan.