Vector Software Declares Zero-Instrumentation Source-Level Coverage for VectorCAST

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VectorCASTPROVIDENCE, RI: Vector Software, a provider of enterprise-class test collaboration platform that delivers consistent, manageable and repeatable testing outcomes for developers, has recently announced feature-additions to its flagship product, VectorCAST. The users of VectorCAST will now be able to perform source-level test coverage with no instrumentation of object code. This will empower teams working on development, test, quality, and certification to achieve test execution without impacting code size or performance.

The product enhancement is a result of partnership with Lauterbach, a manufacturer of complete, modular and upgradeable microprocessor development tools who possess immense experience in the field of embedded designs. As a blue chip company, the company’s highly-efficient development tools are utilized all over the world under the brand name of TRACE32.

Besides, the Vector Software’s VectorCAST solves complex software quality problems by offering most comprehensive approach to unit testing, integration testing, and code coverage. VectorCAST supports Ada, C and C++ programming languages and provides an infrastructure that helps customers build the highest quality software, on time and on budget. John Paliotta, Co-founder and CTO for Vector Software says, “the problem with software is not the amount of time and money spent on testing, but the quality of testing. Our advanced VectorCAST platform efficiently mitigates such impediments.”  

In a move to furthermore strengthen the proficiency of VectorCAST, the Lauterbach's new TRACE32 integration for VectorCAST will now allow clients to perform un-instrumented structural coverage, whenever required.

All along, Norbert Weiss, International Sales and Marketing Manager at Lauterbach quotes in this regard, “We developed this enhancement to our TRACE32 product to support customers who are using VectorCAST.” He continues, “Our engineering team has considerably improved VectorCAST users' capability to use the TRACE32 Trace capability for source-level structural coverage scenarios.”

Against such premise, it is noteworthy to point that VECTOR Software is on an expedition to alter their customer experiences by developing a good understanding of the best practices that drive quality and reduce cost. Such proficiency is especially helpful for customers who do not have experience developing safety critical software.