Vector Software Releases System Testing Solution VectorCAST/QA

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

PROVIDENCE, RI: World's leading software testing solutions firm, Vector Software has released VectorCAST/QA that helps development teams to automate all test activities, shorten test times, and generate real-time metrics on release readiness. The product directly takes on the challenge of reducing time to market for new functionalities.

VectorCAST/QA integrates with client’s build system and existing test infrastructure to collect key metrics such as code complexity, frequency of code changes, test case status, and code coverage data. The product acts as a single point of control for test activities as well as a large data that can be used to make quality improvement decisions. Moreover, it does not demand changes in existing workflow or tools easing the process for development and QA engineers.

"Much of business success is driven by actionable intelligence derived from accurate and up-to-date data," said John Paliotta, Chief Technology Officer, Vector Software. "VectorCAST/QA provides development and QA engineers a single point of control for test activities as well as a wealth of data that can be used to make quality improvement and release decisions," he added. The product is now available to all customers worldwide. VectorCAST/QA’s change-based testing intelligently selects the minimum subset of test cases needed for each code change and automatically runs those tests. 

VectorCAST/QA also encompasses additional capabilities. Offering Better test collaboration it allows independent groups to share test cases and results.  Through integrated code coverage for completeness of current test activities it automates capture and maintenance of code coverage data while the testing happens. It helps users in quickly identifying untested portions of the application and determining resources needed to improve testing thoroughness. Additional functionalities include continuous testing and delivery and real-time quality metrics.