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Vectors Partnership Gimbal; Bridges the gap between Digital and Physical Advertising

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Media based company Vector announced its strategic alliance with Gimbal, a technology provider for mobile customer engagement and location solution. The partnership will upgrade Vector’s transit advertising network to corporate proximity marketing services and will provide both geofencing and beacon technologies. This enables new targeting capabilities for Out-of-Home (OOH) advertisers to utilize what as part of its advertising campaign.

In the initial stage of the program, Gimbal will roll out its software across 500 buses in Vector’s nationwide network. The former company will use its beacon technology; an intentionally conspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location. It will integrate the technology with geofencing software that uses the GPS or radio frequency identification to define geographical boundaries.

It is Wi-Fi enabled and uses proximity sensor to engage and connect both the riders and the passersby within 50 meter radius. The solution will give Vector’s advertisers the ability to push relevant offers, discounts and messages to users within that radius who have opted into Gimbal’s mobile application publisher ecosystem.

“Gimbal is excited to partner with innovative media leaders like Vector Media to provide new ways to connect brands, mobile app audiences, transportation service and beacon-enabled assets,” says Ray Rotolo, SVP of OOH Assets, Gimbal.

Apart from this, its analytics solution will allow Vector to enhance the data and reporting furnished by Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) Out-of-Home Ratings. The technology will provide first-party location data from opt-in mobile app users to show the effective conversion associated with the campaigns.

Vector’s North American double-decker network includes tour vehicles in retail-heavy markets across U.S. Within routes largely in high-traffic areas, ensuring the network reaches not only a significant tourist audience but locals as well. Its broad spectrum of advertisers will now benefit from reaching consumers, whether a retailer, museum, liquor brand or financial institution, it covers all the sectors.

“These smart connections offer an attractive solution to advertisers looking to connect digitally with mobile users and measure the effectiveness of an engagement based on real-world behaviors using our industry-leading back-end data analytics” adds Rotola.