Verint Revamps Speech Analytics Platform to Deliver Better Insights

By CIOReview | Monday, June 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Verint, provider of Action Intelligence Solutions, introduces Speech Analytics platform to provide more intelligent, faster, and accurate way to analyze customer calls. The new speech engine incorporates phonetic and transcription combined with natural language processing (NLP).

Speech analytics solutions enables the organization in minimizing missed insight within calls, to identify better, analysis of call in real time from the semantic index of the big data in recorded calls, and act on emerging trends, issues and opportunities. It also helps to improve the critical human-to-human interactions on the voice channel and build effective digital strategy.

"Speech analytics solutions can be useful to any organization with a significant volume of voice interactions with their customers, and also to companies that want to better understand customers by engaging with them more effectively," said Daniel Ziv, vice president, customer analytics, Verint, reports Nathan Eddy for eWEEK.

The new advanced technology helps the organization in mining to detect the root cause of the self-service failures and customers’ needs that are not met through self-service digital channels. Speech Analytics new user interface designed from the ground up give visual context of conversation to understand customers better. Its insights are embedded into the workflows of the company’s broader customer engagement optimization platform. Verint studied its applications thoroughly by examining hundreds of speech analytics users to understand customers’ needs, like, and their wish to be a game-changer.

“In the past, it was used for significant operational improvements. However, today we are seeing a transition of using this tremendously rich unstructured data source to power big data projects, improve predictive models and feed rich contextual insights to provide personalized experience to both assisted and self-service customer interactions," concludes Alain Stephan, global vice president, customer analytics Verint.