Verint Upgrades Video Surveillance Platform to Enhance Security and Drive Efficiency

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Verint Systems, an Information Technology and Service provider, upgrades its Situational Awareness and Video Surveillance Analytics platforms with new intelligence capabilities to help improve security responsiveness. The advancements are designed to help security personnel achieve higher levels of security, compliance and risk reduction.

Verint Situational Awareness is an open, unified software solution that helps enhance industry-standard workflows and supports operators in responding to both routine and emergency events.

The latest version of Verint Situational Awareness comprises features as: incident timelines to visually display every alert associated with an event; video mapping that enables users to display live video tiles on an area map; easy viewing of event locations; automatically arranges all files associated with an incident in one place; and simplifies user-experience.Using a mobile application, operators can stream live videos from the field from their smart phones to the security operations center.

The latest enhancement includes a sophisticated forensic investigation capability to Verint Video Surveillance Analytics to help operators examine video after an incident using highly-detailed parameters.By creating a single enterprise-wide view across disparate systems and technologies, Verint Situational Awareness and Intelligence System improves response time, lowers costs and increases operational efficiency.

The Situational Awareness platform collects Actionable Intelligence from any number of sensors, such as video surveillance, open source web intelligence, crowd sourcing, weather sensors, and mobile location. The collected data empowers decision makers to manage and respond to situations efficiently and share information easily with multiple agencies.  

“The Verint Situational Awareness solution helps organizations create a comprehensive and familiar operating picture to help improve overall security and business awareness, streamline responses and enable operators to more effectively and efficiently perform their jobs, both in emergency scenarios and during routine day-to-day operations. Usability and data visualization are two key components in helping ensure that information is actionable. We’ve focused on enhancing both data and video gathering in a smart, efficient manner, streamlined with the core functionalities that are most vital,” states Brian Lettiere, vice president, product management, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions.