Verisae Brings Forth New Product Release with Planning Tools and Library of IoT APIs
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Verisae Brings Forth New Product Release with Planning Tools and Library of IoT APIs

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 17, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: With an aim to cater to the needs of field service and IoT, Verisae, provider of mobile workforce solutions, unveils its latest product release for large rollouts planning tools, service process brokering streamlining and a growing library of IoT APIs.

The implementation of large scale projects require modernized infrastructure and tools. Verisae’s mobile workforce management, vx Field allows organizations to achieve their goals and monitor both short term and long term trends. It features scheduling and dispatch, field execution, service performance management and schedule optimization. Moreover, the work order marshalling in vx Field allows planners to filter large amount of work with advanced techniques and assign work orders to right groups or resources.

The next concern for enterprises is to manage assets, sites and contracts with manufacturers. Verisae’s maintenance management or vx Maintain provides visibility to drive better decisions throughout the maintenance cycle. It streamlines the reconciliation process with service providers and improves compliance. vx Maintain features work order management, asset management, compliance and contractor management. Additionally, Verisae adds a new feature of service brokering feature that helps work from one organization to the other.

For a constant data stream of performance and efficiency, a detailed process uniting the workflow managers with service bureaus are required. Verisae’s vx Observe allows enterprises to make fact based decision without wasting time on analyzing  data. It offers alarms management, predictive asset management and workflow analysis.

“At Verisae, we focus on collaborative development with our customers. These kinds of interactions allow us to execute on our vision connecting facility management, field service and the Internet of Things to reinvent the service supply chain to truly move our company forward,” says Jerry Dolinsky, CEO, Verisae.