Verisae's New Products Connects Facility Management, Field Service and IoT
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Verisae's New Products Connects Facility Management, Field Service and IoT

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: With the shift towards technology-driven world, companies are building new projects to upgrade and modernize their infrastructure that can sustain for long-term. The new product from Verisae, a provider of maintenance, machine to machine monitoring and mobile workforce solutions, helps the companies to manage their new projects effectively. It features large rollouts planning tools, service process brokering streamlining and a full length library of IoT APIs to provide planners with a transactional view about the on-going progress and hour-by-hour planning.

Verisae’s solutions include vx Field, vx Observ and vx Maintain where, Vx Field is a mobile workforce management solution, vx Maintain is a maintenance management solution and vx Observe is a remote asset management solution.  These solutions help organizations to increase efficiency, productivity, and compliance while lowering costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Verisae’s Work Order Marshalling feature in vx Field helps planners to have a wide view of the projects including month-or-year-long timelines, and large geographical areas with an eye on street-by-street progress and hour-by-hour planning. It enables planners to review and filter large volume of work, using advanced search techniques including geo-based tools and assign large sets of work orders to the right groups or resources for the planned timeframe. With the mobile workforce management solution, enterprises can create the right workforce structure, manage people effectively, track parts and inventory, and ensure real-time data is integrated into their business processes. The enhancements to Verisae’s dispatch application enable field managers to view and manage internal and external resources in one streamlined application.

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The Service Brokering feature in vx Maintain helps in automating the work flow from one service organization to the other including the creation, quoting, assignment, work action, and invoicing processes. It offers a set of rules and capabilities for the utilities, telecommunications, service management companies and contractors to manage work orders efficiently as well as streamline the reconciliation process with the service providers, improve compliance, reduce costs and make better strategic decisions regarding the purchasing or retirement of assets. vx Maintain uses the maintenance data of an individual asset to offers visibility and control over work orders, assets, facilities and contractors.

With the development of logic, automated workflows, and action-oriented information displays, vx Observe helps retailers, utilities, manufacturers and service organizations to monitor HVAC equipment, lighting, refrigeration systems and food production equipment, transformers, elevators, and other devices, identify the poor performing assets and enable them to have a planned approach to repair that  assets. It delivers higher equipment uptime and enable manufacturers and utilities to make informed capital investment decisions. It connects device manufacturers and service bureaus including RCS, Carel, Emerson, RDM, Danfoss, Siemens, KE2 Therm, Automated Logic, and Powerhouse Dynamics, among others.

“At Verisae, we focus on collaborative development with our customers. These kinds of interactions allow us to execute on our vision – connecting facility management, field service and the Internet of Things to reinvent the service supply chain – to truly move our company forward,” said Jerry Dolinsky, Verisae CEO.

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