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Veritas' Research Suggests Enterprises To Gear Up To Face A Surge In Data

By CIOReview | Monday, January 8, 2018

Storage vendor Veritas came up with a recent report based on a study conducted on 86% of Fortune 500 companies  that reveals a fact that is going to change the way organizations have been working and have warned them be to be ready to be more efficient, adaptable and productive. The study says that enterprises all over the world are about to face an exponential surge in all types of data. This report suggests that enterprises should gear up without wasting any time and find efficient ways to store and manage the data effectively.

The burgeoning data issue can be addressed by technological enablement that includes the required IT organizations and business processes. Data layer is seen as the top driver and enabler of digital transformation followed by integration technologies. Every company should start looking at enterprises data management crucially as a part of their digital transformation strategy. This will therefore ensure that valuable data will be readily accessible to them. To achieve this height there are three main skills or capabilities that can be game changers for any organization. Firstly comes the Optimized data access i.e. the enterprises should make sure that users have secure and seamless access to whatever data they require.   Policy-based contextual awareness should be implemented so that the unnecessary data can be removed. Secondly comes the data visibility and control of data, i.e. the data should be independent of any kind of application or storage location. The data should be visible regardless of whether it’s associated with a cloud-based application or stored on an in-house storage array. There should be absolute clarity and precision. Thirdly Enterprises need to ensure that their data is always protected and available. For this they are required to make end-to-end service infrastructure across their different landscapes resilient. As enterprises are generating and storing an ever-increasing amount of data every day this report has given them an insight on the immediacy of becoming clear that a new approach to data management is needed.

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