Veritomyx Introduces PeakInvestigator to Reveal Hidden Peaks in Overlapped Data

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 15, 2016

PALO ALTO, CA: Mass spectral analysis software Veritomyx has announced the commercial availability of PeakInvestigator, a high performance computing, deconvolution, and centroiding SaaS solution. PeakInvestigator deconvolves hidden overlapped peaks with utmost precision, thereby enabling faster and more accurate peptide and metabolite identifications in user workflows. The fully automated solution requires no user-adjustable parameters and is available for all three major classes of mass spectrometers–Time-of-Flight (TOF), Ion trap, and Orbitrap.

"PeakInvestigator introduces a powerful multiplication of discovery capabilities for most mass spectrometers in use today, from basic 'unit resolution' instruments on up to some of the highest performance mass spectrometers. Researchers utilizing mass spectrometry have now been presented with a fresh, second opportunity to mine important discoveries from existing data.  In many cases, the archived data that can now be re-mined for new discoveries came from irreplaceable samples already consumed," said Jeffrey N. Peterson, CEO & Chairman, Veritomyx.

Critical data remain hidden when overlapping peaks are unresolved and consequently contributes to the inaccurate, incomplete and inefficient biomarker identifications. PeakInvestigator increases the effective resolution of an existing mass analyzer by 3-4x, facilitating the identification of hidden biomarkers from raw mass spectral data. Moreover, its advanced algorithmic design reduces user, run-to-run, and instrument variability while automatically adjusting itself to instrument and tuning variations.

Recently, PeakInvestigator collaborated with Prof. Oliver Fiehn's laboratory, West Coast Metabolomics Center, UC Davis to help detecting overlapped peak pair in patient samples from a diabetes study. The solution also discovered 40 additional hidden peaks from coronary atheroma patient samples, which were later confirmed by higher resolution mass spectrometry.

"PeakInvestigator uses advanced signal processing algorithms to deliver a statistically-driven result never before available in centroiding software.  The algorithms self-train to adapt dynamically to local baseline and changes in analyzer tuning parameters.  It consistently maximizes the yield of meaningful features detected," added Dr. Luke V. Schneider, CSO, Veritomyx' parent Target Discovery.