VersionOne Announces Winter 2016 Release with Enhanced End-to-End Visibility across Software Lifecycle

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 28, 2016

ATLANTA, GA: Leading agile lifecycle management solution provider, VersionOne has announced Winter 2016 Release, which includes a new feature VersionOne Continuum. This feature facilitates extended visibility across the entire software lifecycle from portfolio planning to continuous delivery. Winter release also includes latest Enterprise-Level Dashboards, Timesheets, and updates to Kanban TeamRoom and CommitStream which leads to enhanced visualization to end-to end visibility, drive better decision making and increase enterprise agility.

As an extension to existing enterprise agile platform, VersionOne Continuum brings a single, unified perspective across an organization’s existing development, test and deploy processes. It helps enterprises with orchestrating, automating, and visualizing the flow of releases and allows them to make corresponding changes throughout the software delivery cycle.

The winter 2016 release package aids to extend the VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform from inception to delivery by including the following enhancements:

  1. Enterprise-Level Dashboard – It accumulates current and historical performance for visualization across entire organization. Enterprise-Level Dashboard facilitates access to enterprise-wide metrics and reports depicting throughput, predictability, responsiveness, and quality to easily track progress, identify challenges, and ensure alignment with business objectives.
  2. Timesheets - Automatically aggregates time spent across work items and provides an easy way to view and edit your timesheets in a weekly summary view. New Timesheets saves time, ensures accuracy, and eliminates the hassles of double entry.
  3. Kanban TeamRoom – Enable teams with a KanBan TeamRoom that has been enhanced to include lean metrics such as a cumulative flow, cycle time and throughput to better align with the Kanban process.
  4. CommitStream - Displays both child and parent work items when viewing a primary work item’s commits. In addition, commit comments include a hyperlink on the work item’s ID for quick access to work items with a single click.

    “With the introduction of Continuum, VersionOne is providing unparalleled depth and breadth of visibility to all levels within an organization and across the entire software lifecycle,” says VersionOne CEO Robert Holler. Further he elaborates, “Unlike point solutions that only address one aspect of the software lifecycle or team-based tools that can result in significant organizational fragmentation, VersionOne’s unified platform enables improved decision making and enterprise-scale business agility.”